Monday, September 27, 2010

My pictures won't upload. :[

It's been a crazy last couple of days! At the end of last weekend I was getting things ready for Adam and I to go camping! We decided to go camping but it got too cold...we went last year in the middle of October and it was FREEZING! So we packed up the car and drove in hour and a half to Alexander City, Alabama! We camped on Lake Martin, it was absolutely gorgeous.( I have a lot of pictures I want to upload but the blog won't let me for some reason.) I wish I had readers who could help me!!

I made some chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting for my bible study tomorrow. It's the last day of the bible study. It's been a great 6 weeks! I also have a lot of crafts I want to begin on. I have pictures of a lot of different things I have made or want to make but alas my blog hates me! :[

I don't really know what else to write about without showing pictures. Maybe tomorrow!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Opps...haven't writen in a while.

Well I wish I could say that I have been very busy starting a new job, but no such luck. I am still enjoying my bible study and getting to know these women on a deeper level. I have been reading more and more blogs and getting such wonderful ideas for decorating. I have been going a little crazy with new projects. I'm working on some fall decor today, I will post pictures!!

This past Saturday I got some WONDERFUL news that my best friend from third grade might be moving to Georgia. Her boyfriend's company might be moving to Atlanta. I'm praying that this happens and that they move here. I miss them SOOOOOOOOO much!

Adambear and  I went to Dallas last weekend for my sister's baby shower and my best friend Tasha's daughter London's second birthday! It was great getting to see everyone. And Adam and I had a pretty good time driving the 12 hours there and back. It was nice being together for 12 hours without TV or anything else distracting us. I miss my family like crazy and wish we were much closer. 

The kittens are getting huge and are driving me NUTS! They get into everything. They are adorable when they are sleeping! Haha. I love them like they are my own babies, but I'm ready for them to be grown up kitties!
If anyone out there is reading this, I hope to continue writing on a regular bases. We shall see. :]


Here is the initial M for our last name! I'm not sure if I really like the orange with black glitter. We will see at the end of the week what I think. Might just end up changing it up some! I got the idea from eighteen25. These ladies are amazing!

 This little baby I got from my sweet, sweet Granny! Halloween is her favorite holiday and she is MY favorite Granny. I miss her so much and wish we weren't so far away. Last weekend while Adam and I were in Dallas I asked her if she had any Halloween and Christmas decorations she would like to give to me! And she did. Every year she would put this pumpkin on her porch right next to her on the bench! I'm so glad that I now have it and can remember her every year! The black was pretty faded and didn't look to great, but a simple coat of paint and it looks pretty spooky! (I will try to remember to do before and after pictures from now on.)

I have some more decorating I want to do but I need to return some pumpkins to Hobby Lobby and pick up some cheaper ones at Walmart. And I want some more candles. Adambear thinks I have too many already, but what girl can have TOO many candles?!? NOT me!