Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And I'm back...

Well...no followers...YET! I seriously hope that eventually people will read this blog and enjoy it. I'm still not sure what this blog will be about, but I guess that is have the journey.

I still have not found a job. I am still looking, but no luck thus far. I have however started a bible study at this new church Adambear and I started going to a few weeks ago. When we walked in and I saw the worship band, I knew it was the church for us. It reminded me so much of my church back home. :]  Today was the first bible  study meeting...I was VERY nervous. I didn't know anyone and had no clue if it would be all older women or all younger women. I think I was the youngest one there but it seemed like some of the lady's were not too much older than I was. My table was a neat group of lady's. I'm very excited to be doing this study and getting into the word daily. I have told myself so many times before that I would start reading the word daily and it just never seems to happen. This bible study has five days of homework. I want to work on doing them each one day...and not all the night before the next bible study. I'm going to continually pray that I keep my promise.

Last Tuesday Adambear and I picked up two kittens from a lady we met off of Craigslist! :] They are adorable! We got a boy and girl. They are both tabby's. The girl is more brown and the boy is more black. They are my babies!! We named them Buca and Beppo. Buca is the girl and Beppo is the boy. We named them after the restaurant Buca di Beppo...that is where we had our third date, the date that changed everything! On that date I realized how amazing and special Adam was. After that it was history!

I will add pictures tomorrow when I can get on my desktop and resize them.