Monday, September 26, 2011

bentley nomiddlenameyet mckee!

that's right.....we got a puppy!

he is a yorkie. 11 months. and adorable. :]

he already has a few favorite lovies as i call them...

we love his so much! he is definitely spoiled. i already have an idea what i will dress him up as for halloween! now i just need to decide on a middle name...sound off your suggestions in the comments!

hope everyone is having a great monday.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

it's that time again! this week seems like it is going to go by very slow! i'm already ready for the weekend. :[ so for my ten on tuesday i'm going to list some of my favorite shows. i'm sooooo excited that fall shows are back on!

1. one tree hill- this is by far my FAVORITE show. i'm a weirdo and feel like the cast is really my friends. haha.

2. castle- i recently got into this show and watched all of the seasons.

3. gossip girl- this was a show that i never planned on liking. but one night i was bored and watched an episode and was hooked.

4. glee- hands down this show is amazing! i miss living in texas and having glee watching partys. :]

5. grey's anatomy- lovelovelove! if you don't like this show mcsteamy is reason enough to sit through this show! mmmhmmm.

6. 90210- this one is also one i never thought i would like but after watching an episode i was hooked. i grew up watching all of the old 90210's but i think i like this one. (adam from big brother this season would kill me...haha)

7. parenthood- i love lauren graham anything with her in it and i'll watch. and i think it's funny that there is an adam and sara...although they are brother and sister. this show i will recommend to everyone!

8. all of the csi's- i probably enjoy this show way too much. i'm not psycho. i just love detective shows. if this job wasn't so grueling it would definitely be my career. i know that i would not be able to see all of that stuff on a daily bases and be able to go home and lead a normal life with a family.
(awww i miss warrock and gill!)

9. bones- this is a new obsession in our home! we love this show.

10. rizzoli and isles- this is also a new show to us but so far we really like it. i think we probably watch every cop and detective show! haha.

it probably seems like all we do is watch tv but i swear we are normal and leave the house. sometimes. :]


Thursday, September 8, 2011

random 25

so it seems like a great time to fill y'all in on some very random facts about me!

1. i LOVE to laugh. whether i'm laughing at myself, or a joke...good or bad, someone falling, list goes on and on.

2. i've been told i'm a really good story teller. i like to make people laugh when i'm telling them stories about my day or whatever. my mom always says i make her laugh the most!

3. i'm obsessed with pumpkin. ANYthing pumpkin....actually it's more like OBSESSED!

4. instead of there being a key to my heart it's actually a handful of sunflowers.

5. i have wanted a dalmatian since i was like 3.

6. i've also wanted an elephant since i was in 4th grade. in junior high my best friend and i had pretend pets. mine was an elephant named bobalita and my friends was a cow named fred. we still talk about them.

7. i'm really good at naming things. my favorite name i've come up with is sissaroo.

8. i've only had 2 cars. both were picked out and bought without my knowledge or opinion.

9. i love anything that has to do with owls because it reminds me of my granny. she's my rock! i love her to death. she'll be 91 next month. she recently broke her hip and her only complainant is that she is really bored.

10. i'm the younger sister but everyone thinks i'm the oldest. maybe because i'm taller?

11. i have 6 tattoos. but i want a bazillion more.

12. i have a cousin with the exact same name. although she has an h on the end of her name.

13. i'm pretty sure i was named after a key that right mom? if not i have NO idea where i got that idea.

14. i might have a slight obsession with shoes. and now with coach purses.

15. i'm addicted to zebra's. i really really want a pet zebra. i would probably name it spot or dot.

16. looking at this list makes me think of all the teachers who would be so mad that i'm not capitalizing. hahah. i can name all of my teachers from kindergarten. it's crazy how i remember every single name like there will be a quiz once i get to heaven.

17. i love to bake and hate to cook.

18. according to my husband i grew up eating really weird things. like meatspread, tapioca, german pancakes and lefse. but little does he know our kids will grow up eating all of that and loving it and he will be left out.

19. one tree hill is my favorite show. i have every box set!

20. tim mcgraw is my ex husband. haha not really but i wish!

21. i love nail polish. i'm constantly changing it. my toes have had some color of nail polish on them at all times since elementary school. i think my feet are ugly without polish.

22. at one point in time i had 13 piercings. i now only have 10.

23. i've had pancreatitis twice. it's the worst pain EVER!

24. i've been best friends with the same person for 14 years now. we have had many many fights and our parents have grounded us from each other but we have remained friends. our parents pretty much love the other like their own.

25. i've recently found a new scent that i'm loving...coconut vanilla! it's my new fave.

i hope everyone has a wonderful friday and a great weekend. i'm so happy the weekend is finally rolling around once again.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 + 1 on Tuesday!

it's that time again. another ten on tuesday plus 1. this week i'm going to list the 11 fall/halloween decorations i'm loving! i want to make all of them this year but some i think would be better once we own a house. so without further ado there they are...all pictures are via pinterest!

1. I really love how there are some branches that have lights on them and the bucket laying on its side spilling out pumpkins.

2. these fabric pumpkins are so cute and i will definitely make some this week!

3. ahhh i love these scrapbook paper pumpkins too. you can never have too many pumpkins!

4. i will definitely be having a few of these this year!

5. i love the glitter and the bow!

6. these glitter pumpkin candle holders are adorable!

7. umm hello dixie bups + scrapbook paper + xmas lights = AMAZING!

8. the big bug is kind of gross but the other two are cute.

9. this is a really cute idea!

10. once we have a house i will be doing this!

11. this is by far the coolest thing ever! when adam and i have a house we will be decorating like crazy!

all of my pumpkin candles are out and the house is smelling like fall! i LOVE this season. :]


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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Subway Art

subway art has been pretty popular for awhile now. i have wanted to make one for a long time now but without a silhouette or circuit i figured it would be pretty hard. and it was. but totally worth it!

basically what i did was pick three fonts i loved. i didn't know how to figure out how big to make each word so i played around and guessed. it worked for the most part. once all of the words were printed out and had the layout i liked i flipped the word over and shaded the entire word with a pencil. then flip it back over place it where you want it to be and trace the word. once you remove the paper you should see the word on your canvas. so i did that with all the words and then painted. it took a few hours but i think it turned out great.

ugh it wont rotate. its saved the correct way. so sorry.

i guess i should give a little info about why i picked these places...

pine bluff, arkansas is where adam and i met.
chicago, illinois- we spent a week here when we first started dating. the city where we fell in love!
nebraska- where we got married and lived the first 4 months of our married life!
ponca city, oklahoma- our favorite little city that was almost halfway between texas and nebraska.
south daokota- we spent adam's 24th birthday here visiting mt. rushmore
texas- where we were born and raised!
savannah, georgia- we spent my 22nd birthday here
alabama- we went camping here one labor day weekend.
houston, texas- most of adam's family lives here and we love to visit them!
peachtree city, georgia- where we live now!
cape girardeau, missouri- adam had a business trip here and i tagged along. also i have family from here.
tennessee- another business trip i tagged along to. we spent valentines in nashville!

hopefully over the years i will have to make a few more of these with new places! hope everyone has a great labor day weekend!