Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 favorites

i constantly have songs stuck in my head.
usually they are my favorite songs.
sometimes they are not. hah.
tonight i'm going to list my 5 favorite as of right now.

the afters-light up the sky

eli young band- crazy girl

the band perry- if i die young

adele- rolling in the deep

band of horses- no one's gonna love you

hopefully if you like them they get stuck in your head! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

hand cramps

tonight adam starts his second job.
he'll be working for only 2.5 weeks.
and bringing home lost of extra mooooooola!
that makes me a happy wife! :]
so since he's gone i'm going to address our christmas cards.
and i'm sure my hands will be cramping by the end of the night.
but it will be so worth it! 
here is the picture we are using for our holiday cards! 

i hope everyone is having a very merry december so far! 
so far we have already gone ice skating and xmas light seeing! 
only 2.5 weeks till we leave for DALLAS! :] 
so excited to see friends and family.