Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy November!!

I am SOOOO in love with this weather. I love the cold! Kinda wished we had a fireplace. Mhhm hot cocoa and roasting marshmellows! :]

So I decided to finally write that long post..but now I can't think of anything to say. I have a few projects in mind that I want to start, but I've used my 'crafty budget' this month already. :[ I decorated for Tgivin' but no turkeys! Adam and I both dislike turkey, but I still feel like I should decorate with some lil guys!
For Tgivin' we are staying here and having our own little nontraditional meal. Since we don't like turkey we are going to smoke a brisket. (That's our Texan roots coming out!!) Seriously, I MISSSSSSSSSSS good BBQ and TexMex. Nothing compares here. At least we haven't found anything we absolutely love. 

We will still have mashed tators and green bean casserole and of course pumpkin pie and chocolate pie! I sure will miss my Granny's stuffing and cranberry sauce. Adambear isn't a fan of those! :[

Do y'all know CHRISTmas is in like 46 days?!? That's crazy to me, but I'm so excited! I love this time of year. I can't wait to decorate a tree the way I want! The theme I'm going to go with is red and sliver! I can't wait to post pictures. I need to work on posting more pictures.

So Adam has a new ready for it?! sure your ready?!


So the other weekend we went to our local recycle center and dug through their HUGE pins of wine bottles. We grabbed about 25 bottles, brought em' home and soaked them in the tub. I let Adam deal with taking all the labels off. So this weekend he built a wine box thing to store empty bottles in the closet. It's pretty neat. We think it will hold around 80 bottles. I'm still trying to find a pretty wine rack to keep a few bottles on display. Our first batch is basically a knockoff of Mike's Hard Lemonade. I'm really excited to taste it. It won't be ready till Dec. 1st! Hopefully it will be tasty so I can take some home at Christmas for the fam to taste.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goodness Gracious!

My blog is in a total MESS! I finally figured out how to make a all my info is down at the bottom. I will be fixing this sometime this week.

I got a's seasonal, but hey it's money! So far I like it, I'm terrified to work on Black Friday.

I know this is another short of these days I will write a longggg post.