Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pinterest Love!

I'm jumping on a plane in a few hours and thought I would do a quick list of things I'm loving lately on Pinterest! All pictures are from my pinterest boards.

1. I wish I had a picture of my hands with my Granny's!

2. I really want to make this...but I think I will wait till I have children. My sister in law is going to make this and I'm so excited to see how hers turns out!

3. Tote from Gussy Sews.

4. This is such a neat idea. Before you move leave a hidden note for the next owners or renters!

5. I hope I remember to take a picture like this when I have kids! Such a precious moment.

6. Cute way to announce you're getting hitched.

7. I love this tattoo. It's the little things in life that make everyone happy. Just smile!

8. I love this quote. It needs to be framed somewhere in my house!

9. This looks so delish! Two of my favorite flavors! Strawberry & Coconut!

10. Cute idea for the 4th.

11. Love her makeup! So simple and pretty.

12. I need this in my closet!

13. I love the exposed brick! I hope when we buy a house there is exposed brick somewhere!

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. We will be enjoying as much Tex Mex as we can get in our bellies! Dallas here we come!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

New paintings

i decided to make some new paintings to hang in the office. our office turned out really different then i ever thought it would. we have maps and signs from states and license plates. it's mainly red, white and blue for TEXAS! :] so after seeing this on young house love i knew i wanted to make something like it.

ugh blogger won't let me add a link. but the above photo is from

and then i saw this...

so i put the two together.

first i went to home depot and got some wood and asked the kind man to cut it into three equal pieces. once i got home i printed out the images i wanted to use for my stencils. then i sanded the boards. then covered the boards in masking tape.

then i taped down my stencil on top of the masking tape.

i used an excto knife to trace the stencil. making sure to cut through the tape. if it cuts into the wood that's okay too. makes a nice boarder when painting. once you trace the stencil pull the tape up. i wanted the insides of the states to show. you can leave the outside tape and only paint the insides of the states. which ever you please.

after making sure the tape was pressed down really well i primed the boards.

after priming i painted them gray and loved the end result...

they aren't hanging up yet because i need to do a few touch ups. the three states are the states we have lived in together. well actually we both lived in texas but not together. but it's where we were born and raised. nebraska is where we got married and lived together for 4 short months till we moved to georgia. where have lived for a little over a year now. i can't wait to hang these up!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

picture framed vases

i first saw this idea somewhere on blogland. i can not remember where and it's driving me nuts. thanks to pinterest i did find a picture! just not the blog or creator. if you know which blog please let me know so i can give them credit.

so i saw the above photo and knew i had to do this! we had just gotten a new couch and needed something new above it.

i went to goodwill and bought 5 frames. i didn't care about the color just wanted them to be different sizes. i think all together the frames were under $8. then i went to hobby lobby. i had one vase i wanted to use. so i only needed 4. luckily all the glassware was 50% off. i love hobby lobby and their 50% off stuff. i'm a sucker for sales! so the 4 vases were right under $10.

once i got home i sanded all of the frames and painted them gray. i had to do a few coats on some and others only needed one. just depends on the look you are going for. once they were all dry i started playing around with the vases. some of the frames were a bit too small for the vases. :[ at first i wanted them to have lots of space in the frame. like this one.

but some of the vases ended up sitting on the bottom of the frames.

but i ended up really liking how that looked too. so i didn't worry too much about it. the only other thing i needed to do was hang them on the frame. i used jute. i simply looped the jute to the top of the frame and then tied it around the bottle neck a few times and then made a bow. very easy.

then i hung them up! i thought about pouring water in the vases and using real flowers but i wasnt sure how i would change the water and it seemed too difficult. i wanted simple. so i made flowers. i will post the tutorial later this week on the flowers. but i used pages from a book to make the petals. glued 5 of them together and that was it!

sorry for the weird angles. i can not get a good front facing picture due to a wall in the way. i'm using a very cheap camera and that is why the pictures are not the best. one day hopefully i will have a good camera.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

two weeks in a row baby!

Today is Tuesday...time for anther ten on Tuesday. I can not believe I remembered two weeks in a row! Yay me. Hahah. So this week I think I am going to list ten things I'm drooling over.

side note: i hate from now i'm not gonna do it. so if you don't like that...peace out girl scout. no i'm just kidding please don't go.

so my list...

1. navy checker purse from fabric and handle

2. cute pumps from target

3. i wish my hair looked like this. i'm going to look at this photo each time i want to chop my hair off.

4. i have no idea what these are called but i so want one.

5. i want this to be our master bedroom. blogger won't let me link this but it's from

6. i absolutely love these floors! if i had a house these floors would be in it!

7. i want a yorkie more than anything!!!!!!! adam and i are going to get one of these cuties one day. i want a boy and i want to name him bentley. :]

well i can only think of 7 things...not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing. i'm sure my hubby thinks it's a very good thing. (love you babe)

hope everyone is having a wonderful week. i start nannying full time tomorrow. i went to the library this morning and got prepared. hahaha. watching a 9 year old is easy peasy. lots of time to read and craft!