Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chevron Love!

it's no secret that chevron has popped up all over the web. and i'm IN LOVE! i have wanted to use the chevron pattern on something and finally did. i got an ikea dresser off craigslist for $10 and have been dying to paint it. after convincing the hubby that i needed a project while he was out of town for a week, we set off for home depot. $40 later i had everything i need. or so i thought. the hubz wasn't too thrilled that my $10 dressers make over was 4 times it's worth. whoops. this simple project that i thought would take a few hours ended up taking 3 days.

i started off by sanding the drawers.
then i primed them with white paint/primer spray paint.
i used the card stock stencil and started with the dark gray. it wasn't working.
i sanded the two drawers i had started painting and primed them again.
this time i decided to use a card board stencil. much better!
so i had the gray zig zag pattern painted. next i had to re do the white.
then i did the lighter gray paint.
then touched up the dark gray and white again.
then sealed the drawers.

it really wasn't that long of a process but i only worked a few hours each day. it turned out exactly how i wanted. i love it so much! and already want to paint something else with a chevron pattern. :]

first drawer done. only 4 to go.

up close and personal!

and there she is in all her glory! i love how this project turned out!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anthropologie looking wine bottle bouquets!

I've decided to post my wine bottles on here even though I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog...but we will see.

I'm trying to sell a lot of these so I can get a new camera!

It makes a great gift or even something in your own home that people will always ask about!
They're cheap. They're cute!

I'm only asking $20 plus shipping! You can't beat that! If you want one, you can email me at ladymckee1231@gmailDOTcom

Thanks in advance!

Xoxo Sara