Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This is H A L L O W E E N

Sooooooo it's spooky season! 
I love Halloween.
I love decorating and dressing up. 
This year was fun to decorate since it's our first time in this house. 
Luckily I had enough decorations to get by without buying anything new! 

 Our mantel was so much fun to decorate! 
 I just realized to show you all of the Halloween decor
 I would have to actually take photos of it all....
and I'm feeling lazy. So not happen today. 

Buttttt I will show you our costumes. 
We went to a party at a couple from our small groups house. 
Adam was Carl (the old man) from up.
And I was Kevin (the bird)

The costumes were pretty easy to make/buy for.
For Carl:
Bow tie
Total: About $22

For Kevin:
 6 yards of tulle
Blue tee shirt
Peacock feathers
Total: About $20

 It was such a fun night! 
And we won best costume!!!!! 

But let's not forget Bentley...
He's a pumpkin again. 
He won't wear the hood part of the costume
and he only enjoys wearing this 
so he can roll around attacking it trying to get it off. 

My Tinker Bell Pumpkin! 

Happy Halloween! 
xoxo, lady