Wednesday, February 1, 2012


lately i have been feeling so blah about blogging.
i'd much rather read some of my favorite blogs
than write myself. 
i'm going to try to at least post once a week.

things have been a little crazy since i last posted.
december was busyyyy! 
i was packing up the apartment.
but while packing, i was packing for dallas.
we went to dallas for christmas,
but we knew i would come BACK to dallas two weeks later.
i had to go back to atlanta to have a procedure done.
the procedure did not go as planned and i ended up staying in the hospital a few days.
and then feeling worse when i finally got to go home.
while i was at home i knew i needed to finish packing.
see, i was leaving on the 9th to MOVE to dallas. all by myself. 
so while i was packing all my stuff that i didn't need,
i was also packing everything i did need.

so if you haven't figured it out,
we're moving back to texas! 
i came early to start school.
we did not want me to miss another semester,
so i'm in dallas and adam is still in atlanta. :[
we believe the moving date will be march 31st!
so we'll be moving on my birthday weekend! holla. 

we're beyond excited to finally be coming home! 


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