Monday, July 15, 2013

Ambition pays off!

This weekend we got very ambitious and tackled a few projects we were planning to put off for awhile. I fell in love with a white dresser from Ikea months ago. At $300 I knew we would have to wait to buy it. I initially wanted to have it in our bedroom but didn't want to wait till we had the spare money to get that one I wanted. So we bought a dresser or Craigslist for $100! It was broken and messed up in places but I was okay with that. With FOUR coats of white paint and a couple coats of sealer it was looking okay at best. It's still in our bedroom and for the most part I'm happy with it. Eventually I'm sure I will decide to repaint it. Anyway, fast forward to now and last week while I was babysitting and the baby was sleeping I was searching Craigslist just 'window shopping' and I found the dresser I fell in love with months ago!! AND it was only $100!!!!! SCORE! So I emailed them and talked my husband into driving an hour away during rush hour to pick up this heavyyyyy dresser. I wish I had pictures of us loading this thing into my Jeep. We had to put it half in the Jeep without the drawers and put the drawers back into it while my hubby held the dresser by himself. Did I mention it was at least 100 degrees out!? Love that man of mine. :] 

Long story short...we put the new dresser in the entry way and we tackled the gallery wall I've been planning for months!

I wanted a gallery wall that we could grow with! It's definitely not permanent and I'm sure I will change a few things!

I don't have the greatest picture of the space as it looked on move in day...I could kick myself for not taking pictures of every room as it was before moving all our crap in! 

Just a few odd things we had laying around. The table has been moved from house to house within my family and has some wonky legs. And a huge crack down the middle of the top piece. But it worked for a placement piece. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided to add a stencil. I knew I wanted to do some kind of stencil on this wall and fell in love with this design. I printed the template from this tutorial at While They Snooze! 

Anddddd here is the walll with the stencil, gallery wall and dresser! :] 
I want to add a lamp and a few more prints on the lower part of the wall. And possibly spray paint the welcome sign yellow! 

Our next project made a HUGE impact! 
When we first came to look at the house I already knew it was going to be our house...the living room has 7 windows and lets in a lot of natural light. We loved that! We did not love the darknotourtaste curtains! 

Not the greatest picture but you get the idea. Now we loved the way the previous owners decorated the windows but at 14 yes fourteen panels...we needed to save some money before replacing all the panels. Curtains ain't cheap y'all! I looked everywhere. I thought about just buying fabric and making my own. I thought about buying white ones and painting them. THEN I found out Target has a new line and found curtains for $19.99 a panel! Not cheap but definitely cheaper than all my other ideas. 

It feels so much brighter in here. We are only half way done replacing the curtains...the old curtains had sheer curtains behind all the panels and above swooping over another rod. We plan to add white sheer curtains eventually. 

But for now the room is brighter and definitely more us!

A better view of the pattern and color! They match the clock above the mantle perfectly! 

Happy home=happy wife! 

Xoxo, Lady

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